Summer Heatwave

Normally in the UK, I feel like there's a lot of people getting married about now who dreamed of a summer wedding and are instead contending with rain. Not this year! Having now had 3 weddings in this heatwave and another two to go over the next two weekends, here are some tips to consider! 

Drinks Reception - normally guests are more than ready to quaff some fizz! However, please do put out a bigger selection of soft drinks than normal or at least have jugs of water for them to help themselves. Chances are if you're having them outdoors, it is blazing sunshine they're standing around in and believe me, I've never had so many guests drinking water! 

Shade - Yes, the chairs / stools / garden bench does look really pretty in the middle of the garden. But especially if you have very young or older guests - please consider putting some seating in the shade too even if it's off centre, isn't where you planned and doesn't look quite so good! The guests will only move it so you might have well have it there to start with! 

Marquees - they are roasting!! Even with all the sides off you'd be surprised just how how it can be in there so try and open as much as you can from the start. A couple of other things to remember - if you can do a recce ahead, look at where the sun is at the time of day you'll be sitting down for the wedding breakfast. The tables on the sunny side might be sitting in direct sunlight for a whole meal which can be quite uncomfortable so either consider which guests might not mind, or be prepared to move tables slightly to try and avoid this. Also - whilst it is hot in there, with all the sides open, it's likely there is a breeze too which is something to consider when putting out table names / menu / place settings etc. You don't want to arrive for dinner to find all your name tags on the floor spread across the marquee! Again, ensure there is a constant supply of water for the tables!

Cake - consider the timing of your cake delivery. The type of cake will depend whether it needs refrigeration or how long it can be kept out so do check in with your cake maker and follow their advice! 

Flowers - keep them cool! I've seen a few sad looking flowers lately so again bear in mind when you're having them delivered and where you can store them until needed. If you're keeping your bouquet, allocate a member of the wedding party to fill a vase / glass with water to put them in for the day once the ceremony and photos are all done. 

Kids - If you're setting up a kids area, make sure it's in the shade at the time you'll be using it most! I know it sounds obvious, but chance are you'll be setting up the day before or possibly the in morning and it's really important to consider where the sun will hit later in the day.

Suncream - consider having a couple bottles on the bar so guests can help themselves. It's something that's really easy to forget as a guest for a wedding as you're unlikely to have a big bag with you! 

You - as wedding couple you'll be totally carried away in the moment. Rightly so! So invest in some 'once' type suncream and cover yourself all over before you get ready. (I personally like P20 but other brands are available!). Just ensure it's totally dried in before you get dressed!  Oh and did I mention water yet?! If you're likely to forget to drink some yourself, ask your bridesmaids / ushers / Best Man etc to remind you or better still, force you to drink some at regular intervals! 

Happy wedding day everyone and long may the sun shine brightly!

Vic x