Choosing your suppliers

Looking for suppliers and working out who is going to be your 'dream team' can be a little daunting at first. Wedding planners have an extensive contacts book of suppliers to suit a huge range of tastes and budgets that we're able to recommend (Some planners will take commission from suppliers but I personally don't, so all reductions I get as a planner I pass on to my clients).

One of the really important factors when choosing your wedding day team, which is often forgotten -  is to choose people you actually like! It can be a long process  and many of the suppliers you choose (planner / photographer / videographer / glam team / catering / bar etc) will also be present on your wedding day so along with making sure they suit your style and budget, please make sure you are happy to spend the next 18 months with them as part of your life! It's a relationship built on trust, not only that they will deliver what they've promised, but also that they will listen to you along the way and create what you both want.