Come Rain or Shine

No matter where in the world you're getting married, the weather is likely to play a part in your plans. Perhaps you've gone abroad for the sun, or chosen a summer date in the hope the UK climate is kind to you. Maybe the opposite and you chose a winter wedding in the hope of snow. Whenever and wherever you're planning your big day, it will really help the stress levels to know you have a Plan B you are both happy with. No-one wants to wake up in the morning and feel sad because your wedding isn't going to work quite the way you'd hoped. Not even the best planner in the world can help you change the weather, but really good contingency planning can help ensure that you have the best day no matter what happens. 

Let's assume your wedding is in the UK. If you're hoping for a mostly outdoors wedding, the month with the lowest rainfall is actually May. So whilst you might not be as warm, you have more chance of staying dry! It also statistically has more hours of sun than August. So do consider May / Sept if you're going to be outdoors and don't think you have to stick to July and August! 

Whatever month you choose - plan, plan, plan. If your ceremony is going to be outdoors - is there a good indoor alternative you like at that venue should the skies really open? If not, then perhaps a marquee over the outdoor area might be an option? It's not a cheap option, but that way you know your ceremony is going to be exactly where you want it, whatever the weather. If it's a beautifully sunny day, then you can open up all the sides so it still feels completely outdoors but has the benefit of added shade for the comfort of the guests. This also gives you the benefit of being able to style the night before where needed so you have chance to go to bed knowing it's exactly as you wanted. If you have signs or boards for anything outdoors - remember to do it in waterproof ink so it doesn't run if it gets wet.   

Depending on how much of your wedding is outside - there are considerations for all things electrical - lights / sound systems (mics and music), generators etc. Just bear in mind when buying or renting what you'll need to do with them should it rain. 


If there will be elderly guests or children, perhaps some extra cushions or throws will help keep them snuggly! Large umbrellas for the ushers to shelter them going to/from venues are always a welcome touch and if you can colour match then all the better! If the photos are outdoors and the ground is wet perhaps consider some wellies for the wedding party as part of the photoshoot. Rain can definitely be fun!


There are some lovely touches you can add for the comfort of your guests come rain or shine - some ideas in the pictures. It's good to have some ideas of what you could have, even if you only purchase late in the day. If you have items on hold then most can usually delivery within the week. Or there are so many resale sites if you wanted to buy early and just sell on anything you don't need. It's the little touches that make weddings so great as a guest. They don't need to blow the budget, but to show you've thought about guests goes a long way to ensuring everyone has a super day whatever the weather. 




Heat is also something to consider for guests should you have a scorcher! It's a long day as a guest and generally the alcohol is flowing so staying hydrated and not sunburnt is important! If you are marrying abroad you can buy personalised miniature suncreams which are a lovely touch as favours or just having them as a part of a pamper pack in the bathrooms. These are always very well received. If you're marrying in the countryside where insects might be an issue, you can get some really cute little bug sprays for the guests too.

Depending on what kind of cake you're having, you might need it to arrive at the venue slightly later in the day to stop it melting. Or check with onsite catering they have a cool space for it to go